Miami Dolphins Choose Montreal’s Arsenal Media and Float4 Interactive for Fan-Focused Interactive Wall at Sun Life Stadium

NFL team first to use BuzzWall, a multi-zone, multimedia concept blending digital display technology, gesture and mobile interactivity, sound, live video, social media applications, in unique multimedia experience

The Miami Dolphins are the first pro sports team to embrace the multimedia solution known as The BuzzWall™. This all-in-one system is the result of a successful collaboration between Arsenal Media, a Montreal-based creative production and digital signage strategy firm, and its subsidiary, Arsenal Integrated and tech partner Float4 Interactive.

The wall was custom-developed in line with the Dolphins’ marketing strategy using Christie Digital Systems’ MicroTiles™ stackable display cubes as well as RealMotion™ engine technology, developed by Float4 Interactive, a Montreal agency specializing in gesture-based and multi-touch interactivity.

The 14-foot-wide, 7-foot-high Dolphins BuzzWall uses an irregular cluster of MicroTiles to drive four separate zones of digital content comprised of an immersive zone with interactive motion visuals, live game coverage, mobile device-based interactive content, image-sharing features, and more. The display is combined with large-format print graphics to produce an entirely new and different event experience for sports and entertainment fans.

The multimedia display informs and engages fans, in keeping with the team’s marketing strategies. The content includes interactive highlights from the Dolphins’ history, an interactive multimedia experience focusing on the U2 360° tour, instant replays and highlights, texting-based applications, photo galleries, and information about the team’s stadium services and special community programs. The system was officially unveiled in November at a Dolphins/Tennessee Titans game.

Experience-based technology

“We view the new wall as ‘transformational technology’ that’s helping raise the standard of the team’s in-stadium experience,” says Tery Howard, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Miami Dolphins. Located on the club level at Sun Life Stadium, the BuzzWall is a new visibility tool for the team’s corporate sponsors, enabling them to build affinities with fans through content that is dynamic, fun, and contextually relevant.

“Technology really provides us with the flexibility to have the Sun Life Stadium take on the personality of the event and tailor it to that particular experience,” explains Howard. “Offering a fully integrated experience is extremely important to us, our marketing partners, our tenants, and our guests. But what has excited me the most is how the wall speaks to all ages.”

The Montreal connection

Montreal firms Arsenal Media, its subsidiary Arsenal Integrated, and Float4 Interactive worked closely with Christie Digital Systems and the Dolphins’ management to develop this project.  

“We are very proud of the results, from both a creative and a strategic perspective. The wall has quickly become a very popular attraction for fans and creates a special bond between them, the Dolphins, and corporate sponsors. That was our main goal when we came up with the BuzzWall product. In the end, we feel the concept works well because it capitalizes on a content strategy that is completely in tune with the stadium’s business context and utilizes state-of-the-art digital display technologies,” says Denys Lavigne, President of Arsenal Media and Arsenal Integrated.

Arsenal Media has been an active player in Quebec’s digital signage industry for many years, working on projects with clients such as Metro, RE/MAX, RONA, Sépaq, and Tourisme Montérégie. It has also collaborated on initiatives in the US, Europe, and Asia. For the past two years, Arsenal Media has been Christie Digital Systems’ lead creative team in the branding and digital content marketing of MicroTiles technology.

“This unique display technology has enabled us to push our limits and redefine how we use screens in various multimedia projects and applications. MicroTiles’ avant-garde digital displays and richer, brighter colors have undeniable stopping power,” says Lavigne, who sees sports and entertainment as just one of many business markets that could profit from this technology. “When you mix it up with impactful visual content, sound, and interactivity, you get this very engaging, immersive experience.”

The BuzzWall is currently being adapted to serve retail, cinema, museum, and other markets. The all-in-one concept can easily be incorporated into the most sophisticated multimedia projects. The BuzzWall package comes with all the necessary technological components as well as content, installation, and monitoring. Further multimedia applications will be launched by Arsenal Integrated in the coming months.

Engaging gesture-based technology

The other Montreal touch in the project is the gesture-based interactivity component used for the primary content zone in the Dolphins Interactive Wall. The Miami project is the latest in a series of Christie MicroTiles-focused collaborative efforts between Float4 and Arsenal Media.

“We integrated Float4’s gesture-based software very early on in the exploration phases we did with MicroTiles because we felt that interactivity was an essential part of the content strategy. It has allowed us to add depth to the user experience and incorporate innovative sponsor opportunities into the multimedia content. The RealMotion Engine™ was just a great fit for this application,” adds Lavigne.

“From the beginning we recognized the potential of the project, especially with a client like the Dolphins. In our world, the audience is not only a spectator, but also an instigator, and that is why it generates substantial impact,” says Alexandre Simionescu, Managing Partner for Float4 Interactive.

“This project really validates the relevance of our interactive technology; we see it as another step in its evolution, rather than a mere iteration. In our close collaboration with Arsenal and Christie, we have been able to achieve a synergy between technology and creative capital and that’s when true innovation happens. It’s been an inspiring, forward-looking  journey,” adds Sevan Dalkian, President for Float4 Interactive.

The Dolphins management, which already has a great deal of experience in using technology to enrich the fan experience, has once again shown its flair for innovation and for reaching out to its fans: “The reaction from fans and staff alike has been very positive. People are obviously drawn to The BuzzWall,’’ says Dalkian.

 “The continued involvement of the Dolphins has enabled us to develop a fully immersive experience—and that has made all the difference. The fans have embraced the concept since day one. That’s been the most rewarding aspect of the project,” concludes Lavigne.

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"“We view the new wall as ‘transformational technology’ that’s helping raise the standard of the team’s in-stadium experience."" Tery Howard, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Miami Dolphins
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